🐮BabyBNB Introduction

The baby of BNB, nothing can be more BULLISH!

In the context of the crypto market, a "bullish" investor is one who believes that a particular cryptocurrency or non-fungible token (NFT) will rise in value. This confidence is often seen when the market is experiencing growth and gains are being made.

Our mascot named "CowZ" is a little baby bull that loves the Binance Smart Chain and its native token BNB. Also, its name is a reference to the former CEO of Binance and prominent player in the crypto industry named CZ. How can you not be bullish? This is literally the baby token of BNB and the team is determined to make it live up to its name. Let's bring back MEME season with BabyBNB! Not bullish enough? Well the team will bring massive utilities to the project and make a complete BabyBNB ecosystem. This is a long-term project, not a short-term pump and dump. Backed by an extremely experienced team that have the network and experience as they have been in the crypto space for 4-5 years already! The team which includes Martina, have already delivered 200-300X projects in the past before.

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